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Welcome, I'm Brian Stanton

Health & wellness writer, certified health coach, and founder of


My mission is to help you end your IBS. My materials will help you take back control of your health, master your diet and supplement routine, feel better, and get on with your life. Without IBS.


I don’t tout miracle supplements or quick fixes for your IBS symptoms. Instead I’ll target the 4-5 lifestyle areas with the best long-term impact. Lots of effort initially, but a huge payoff at the end. 

I was diagnosed with IBS, and I learned through research and experience how to end my symptoms for good. (Hint: It wasn’t by following conventional medical wisdom). Come learn what I did.

My material is free. I want to help as many people as possible, so I don’t charge. If I were selling supplements, for instance, it would undermine my credibility. 

With so much health-related info on the internet, it's hard to know who to trust. Here's my story, if you're interested.

From Miserable To Man On A Mission

I wasn’t always obsessed with gut health. I needed a hard shove from life first.  

That shove was a stomach virus in 2011. A stomach virus that never really resolved.

So I visited a stomach doc, and he diagnosed me with IBS. 

The next year was the hardest year of my life. I felt perpetually lousy, both physically and mentally. I tried all the standard treatments. Even some non standard ones. Nothing worked. 

Things were bad. My girlfriend and I broke up. Things got worse. 

But one day, at my low point, I staggered to my kitchen table, grabbed a pen, and wrote a letter to myself. In the letter, I vowed to heal my gut. Whatever it took. 

What it took was extreme. I had to reject my IBS and embrace something completely new. I had to embrace the belief that I could heal. 

And heal I did. It took years of research, trial and error, diet and lifestyle modifications, and every ounce of my brain power. But I did it.  

Today, my gut is still sensitive to certain foods, but my symptoms are ancient history. Which makes me a happy guy. 

A new career in health

After healing my gut, I slowly weaved into a career of health and science writing. I started a blog — — to share my passion for ancestral health, longevity, and nutrition. Just a hobby while I toiled away in corporate finance. 

But when I was published in Paleo Magazine and Observer, I thought: hey, I could do this for a living.  

I could leave my 9-5. I could write for health and wellness companies on paleo, keto, metabolism, longevity, nutrition and everything in between. And that’s what I’ve been doing. 

But still. Ever since healing my gut, a thought kept nagging me.

You can help others heal too. You can help end IBS. 

Ending IBS

I’m on a mission. I want to end IBS.  

I know this sounds crazy. But hear me out.  

The diagnosis isn’t helpful. IBS is a collection of symptoms, not a syndrome. It’s almost like diagnosing the common cold as RNS (Runny Nose Syndrome). 

Worse yet, being diagnosed leads to dangerous, ineffective treatments. Big Pharma doesn’t want to end your IBS. It makes them too much money.  

Finally, IBS creates a nocebo — a belief you can’t get better. The mind is a powerful thing.  

Rejecting my IBS was my first step towards better health. In with diet, lifestyle, and natural supplements — out with traditional IBS treatment.  

I started to help people do as I did. Reject the diagnosis. Get on the right path. Get better. 

Keep an open mind. You’ll be amazed what’s possible. 

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